End of Life Doula

During my end of life doula training, it was instilled in me that we are all 100% alive until the moment of death. I bring this belief to my doula practice, treating every person as whole and possessing potential for creating meaning and experiencing fulfillment, deserving respect and compassion, no matter what phase of life they are in. 


As an End of Life Doula — or death doula — I journey with people who are at the end of life and partner with their families, to provide support and fill the gaps in emotional, spiritual, and practical end of life care that medical teams do not provide.


I serve as a companion and work to help facilitate a “good death,” in which the needs and wishes of the dying are honored in their last days and beyond. I also support the work of family and caretakers, offering respite and planning help, as well as grief support. 


It may be helpful to consider part of a doula’s job as “project management”: coordinating and implementing the dying person’s final wishes within the many facets of their life, from how they would like to receive visitors to providing resources for an at-home funeral. 


Here are just some of the ways I can serve you and your family in this role, which will be tailored to suit your needs:


  • Hold in-depth conversations with the dying person to discover and implement their needs and wishes and prioritize them

  • Initiate and facilitate challenging but necessary conversations 

  • Help coordinate caregiver roles within the support system of friends and family

  • Help manage schedules for care and medication

  • Create a warm and comfortable environment at home, hospice, or hospital

  • Offer respite for family and caregivers, so they can attend to personal needs and take the time to replenish themselves

  • Cook meals or coordinate a meal train

  • Arrange for visits from music therapists or healing touch practitioners

  • Work on legacy projects and dignity therapy activities

  • Provide a comforting presence: keeping company, holding space, and listening deeply

  • Read out loud

  • Offer spiritual support, or arrange for visits from clergy or other spiritual advisors

  • Hold vigil

  • Offer personal guided mindfulness, self-compassion, and acceptance meditations

  • Help with Advanced Care Planning, filing an Advance Care Directive

  • Offering grief and mourning support / providing resources for counseling and support groups


I earned my End of Life Professional Certificate from the University of Vermont, volunteer in hospice, and have a background in contemplative care. If you’re interested in discussing ways I can serve your during your or your loved one’s end of life, please send me an email with your phone number and I will reach out to you. 

Let's meet and discuss your coaching goals. I offer a free 30 minute initial session, and as long as I am working toward IFC certification, my fee is only $15 per half hour.