About Ilse Thompson, M.A.

We are all just walking each other home.

--Ram Dass

Believing deeply that every moment is a multi-faceted jewel of possibility — an opportunity to create meaning — I meet you with non-judgmental, unconditional acceptance for who you are, and open space for you to explore your personal aspirations and visions. I offer you evidence-based tools and techniques, combined with traditional contemplative mindfulness and self-acceptance practices, to guide you toward creating meaning and fulfillment in your own life.


In my coaching practice, I draw from both personal experience as well as formal education and training. I have  received graduate-level education in Buddhist studies and contemplative practices through Maitripa College. Through the course of my studies, I focused specifically on interfaith chaplaincy and have taught mindfulness meditation in a prison setting. I have worked as a professional writer and editor, part of that time spent advocating for and exploring evidence-based approaches to addiction recovery. Having founded two small businesses (one in retail and one in manufacturing), I have experience in taking leaps of faith and building a vision from the ground up.


My own reckoning with grief and loss has inspired me to turn and face this complex and universal experience, to walk with those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, or are themselves at the end of life. This calling led me to earn a End of Life Doula Professional Certificate through the University of Vermont. Currently, I am pursuing certification as a Mindfulness, Wellness, & Somatic Coach through the IFC accredited Mindfulness Coaching School.

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